10 Keto Drinks (Aside from Water) for Maximum Weight Loss

I've learned a lot about the keto diet over the years, including what keto drinks besides water are available to quench my thirst. I've also created drink blends and mixes to aid in health, wellness, and weight loss.

Not all keto-friendly beverages are beneficial to weight loss, health, and wellness. They may be able to keep you going, but they can also be counterproductive, triggering cravings and increasing appetite.

Reading labels, being truly aware of what you're drinking, and telling yourself the truth if a keto drink turns out to be too good to be truly good for your health are the best ways to approach your keto drink journey.

Aside from water, what else can I drink on a keto diet?

Too many. Diet sodas, alcoholic keto-friendly cocktails, protein shakes, and meal replacement shakes are all legal. When my mother wants something sweet and shake-like, she drinks Slim Fast keto shakes. So we keto folks have a lot of options.

But the question is whether these drinks are truly beneficial to YOUR health and wellness goals. Some people include all of these keto drinks without realizing the slower weight loss, increased appetite, and increased cravings. They drink diet soda without realizing it has negative health effects such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Moreover, there are several other healthy keto options that don't have these side effects and won't work against our weight loss goals.

Now for the drinks.

1. Non-caffeinated herbal teas

A good herbal tea can be very relaxing in the evenings and contains no caffeine, so it can be consumed throughout the day. I enjoy herbal teas with cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, or dried fruit that promote healthy skin and women's health. Some herbal teas do contain carbs, but it's such a small amount that there's no need to be concerned.

2. Caffeinated teas

When I'm not drinking coffee, I drink black and green tea. Caffeinated tea can also help you control your appetite. If I want more fat, I add butter or heavy whipping cream.

3. Coffee with mushrooms

While listening to Shawn Stevenson's podcast, The Model Health Show, I first learned about mushroom coffee and its health benefits. He talks about eating mushrooms and lion's mane in a few podcasts, one of which I found particularly interesting. This is the mushroom coffee on my wish list. Reviewers' claims of superhuman focus and improved memory pique my interest.

4. Champagne water

I absolutely adore sparkling water. Because I don't consume artificial sweeteners on a regular basis, I get my soda fix from unsweetened flavored sparkling water rather than diet sodas containing artificial sweeteners. And, because I'm genetically predisposed to dementia, I've decided to avoid aspartame, which has been linked to dementia.

Aside from being super refreshing, sparkling water also aids digestion on days when I've had more fat than my little tummy can handle.

5. cups of black coffee

My favorite relatively healthy appetite suppressant is black coffee. I say “relatively healthy” because excessive coffee consumption has negative consequences. If you drink too much and too late in the day, it can disrupt your sleep. Toxins from pesticides can be found in coffee beans. There are also some carbs and calories, but not enough to keep you from fasting, according to what I've heard.

6. Black coffee with butter

A delicious way to get more fat or dirty fast your way through a fasting window is to blend black coffee with salted butter. If I'm craving something sweet, I combine my black coffee with salted Kerry's Gold butter and a few drops of liquid stevia. This keeps me on track.

7. MCT oil and black coffee

If you're trying to avoid dairy, this is a good option. This MCT oil creamer is on my list of things to try next. We'll see. I've heard good things about emulsified MCTs. I currently use this MCT oil when I want to feel extra healthy. It doesn't add any flavor but still provides the benefits.

8. Low-carb collagen or protein powder mixed with butter in herbal tea, caffeinated tea, or black coffee

This blend has been a great way for me to take my collagen, add more protein to my day if needed, get more fat, and satisfy my sweet tooth. Blending collagen powder with butter in herbal tea helps me sleep in the evenings. It's similar to drinking warm milk. So relaxing.

This peanut butter-flavored collagen powder is currently my favorite. According to the package, it can be blended in both hot and cold beverages, but it works best in hot beverages. Fyi.

9. Hot water and bone broth

Healthy, filling, and full of health benefits. A fantastic source of collagen.

10. Snake Juice

This stuff gets you through long fasts like no one's business. Cole Robinson first shared the recipe as part of his fasting protocol. Water-only fasts can be extremely difficult. A fast with this snake juice mixture is much easier to complete. I gave it a shot. It appeals to me.

Cole's snake juice recipe is now available in these handy packets. If you're fasting for an extended period of time, mix them with water. I tried drinking it to prevent cramps during a 23-hour fast and accidentally gave myself a salt-water flush. You have been forewarned.

11. Water + Lemon + Apple Cider Vinegar

I drink this first thing in the morning to aid digestion, regulate blood sugar, burn belly fat, and control my appetite. It's a refreshing morning drink that does a lot of cool things. (2)

Here's what I usually put in my morning beverage:

  • 1 to 12 cup ice-cold water
  • 12 lemon juice – I believe raw lemon juice is superior to pasteurized lemon juice.
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • a dash of cayenne pepper

Including a variety of healthy, productive options on your keto diet beverage list will help you stay on track, reach your weight loss goals faster, beat cravings, regulate your appetite, and improve your overall wellness.

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There's plenty to drink besides water on keto, but is it healthy?

There are some keto-friendly drinks that I did not include in this list, such as diet sodas, keto meal replacement shakes, nut milks, and infused fruit water. While these drinks are technically keto-friendly, I've discovered issues that make them best avoided.

Diet sodas stimulate appetite and cravings. Keto meal replacement shakes can make you hungry. Nut milks can contain a lot of carbohydrates and unhealthy additives. Infused fruit water may still contain sugars and carbohydrates that cause cravings.

There are keto-friendly alcoholic drinks available, but I've found that they cause me to make unhealthy food choices.

The best way to proceed on this journey is to experiment and see what works best for you. These are the keto-friendly drinks that I've found to be the most helpful on my keto, health, wellness, and weight loss journey.

Aside from water, there are a variety of keto drinks to try.

What are your opinions? Do you have any favorite keto drinks that you swear by?

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