7 Yoga Poses You Should Practice Every Day

You may have heard or read somewhere that yoga is good for your health. For those who are unaware of why yoga is regarded as an amazing activity by many, it is because yoga improves you mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Yoga can help you to have a clearer, calmer mind. Aside from looking good and feeling fit, you can expect to be calmer, happier, and rejuvenated after a yoga practice.

Yoga Poses You Should Do Everyday

1. The Cat and the Cow Pose

Many yogis consider the cat-cow pose to be a yoga essential, which means that it is appropriate for beginners and can be performed in any yoga practice.

This pose focuses on your spine and abdomen. This pose flexes and extends your spine, making it healthier by acquiring and promoting proper posture and providing relief from discomfort and pain.

This pose is also used in classes to prevent back pain or as part of a warm-up or relaxation sequence.

Other advantages of this pose include an increase in balance, stress relief, and a calmer mind.

2. A dog that is facing down.

Because of its numerous benefits and ease of execution, the downward-facing dog is one of the most well-known yoga poses; it is also regarded as a beginner yoga pose.

This pose focuses on your calf and hamstrings. During yoga sessions, it is frequently used as a resting position and a transitional pose.

In terms of benefits, because this is also a mild inversion, this yoga pose includes all of the benefits associated with inversions, such as increased blood flow to the brain.

It can stretch your calves and hamstrings deeply while also strengthening your legs, arms, abdominal muscles, and back.

If you have back pain, this yoga pose can help alleviate it and even promote proper posture.

3. Warrior II

In contrast to the first two yoga poses, warrior 2 is done while standing. This pose, if practiced regularly, can help to strengthen your arms and legs, tone your abdomen, and open your shoulders and chest.

4. The Tree Pose

Another yoga pose that is performed while standing is the tree pose. This pose focuses primarily on your legs and core. Because of its simplicity, this is frequently recommended for beginners.

Though it may appear to be simple, it is anything but when you are actually doing it. As previously stated, this pose strengthens your legs and core.

This pose also helps to open your hips and provides a good stretch to your groin and inner thigh muscles. However, the most significant benefit of this pose is improved body balance.

5. Legs against the wall

Another beginner yoga pose on this list is the legs up the wall pose. This pose requires a wall (as the name suggests) and a yoga mat.

This pose is more of a restorative or relaxation exercise, focusing on your legs and calming your mind. The legs up the wall pose is frequently performed after a yoga practice to promote rest and stress relief. It can last as little as a few minutes or as long as fifteen minutes.

Aside from relaxing you, this pose can help with tired feet, swollen legs, and can promote blood flow to the core body.

This can help to return fluid from your legs to circulation if done after exercise. Finally, this pose can help stretch your lower back, torso, hamstrings, and thighs.

6. The Pigeon Pose

For tight hips, the pigeon pose is highly recommended. However, this pose is more than just a hip opener; it can provide similar benefits to forward bends, improve your posture, and provide a good stretch to your back, groin, thighs, and so on.

This is an intermediate pose that is great for counteracting the side effects of sitting for long periods of time.

7. Pose of the Corpse

The corpse pose is probably one of the simplest and easiest yoga poses on this list. This is a beginner yoga pose that is frequently performed as a final relaxation pose.

You might think that this pose is simply lying down or sleeping, but it is much more. This pose lasts 5 to 10 minutes and allows your mind and body to relax and process your yoga session.


Yoga, which has been proven and tested for many years, is an excellent way to assist your body and mind in achieving or maintaining a healthy state.

It works in a variety of ways that influence your body in various ways, implying that your body is positively influenced physically (covering the various components of physical fitness), mentally, and spiritually.

With its numerous benefits, yoga is something you should think about incorporating into your daily routine. With that in mind, why not start by using this list as a guide and working your way through the various yoga poses provided?

This is especially true given that the poses on this list are the most recommended for beginners and daily practice.

Start yoga with a buddy or partner today by sharing this article and finding someone who is also interested in experiencing the wonderful benefits of yoga to make things more fun and encouraging.

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